Assisted healing

Assisted healing from trauma - surgery - acne - accidental - burns - ulcers - cuts - cold sores - chickenpox - wounds.

At Luscious Therapy Deborah Ward has effectively treated many clients with trauma to the skin from the following origins:

BCC removal
Non-healing Ulcers
Efudex treatment of skin cancers
Skin grafts
Car accident facial scarring from glass impact
Chickenpox scarring
Acne scarring
Scarring from Facial grazing
C-section scarring
Eyelid and facelift scarring
Post laser scarring
Severe sunburn
Burns to face and body
Cold sores

Oxygen Therapy can be performed as soon as sutures are removed/ or immediately in all other instances to accelerate the healing process. Omnilux Light Therapy is usually then recommended daily for the first 3 consecutive days then weekly until the skin has healed. A handheld LED device is recommended where daily treatment at home is also required. Assisted Scar Reduction Therapy has been successfully recommended and performed at Luscious Therapy since 2001.

Luscious Oxygen Facial

60 MINUTES $170

ECHO2 Oxygen Facial Plus Facial Massage- enzymatic exfoliation then Infusion of pure medical grade Oxygen Plus a cocktail of pure vitamins A,C,E, liquid minerals, amino acids and trace nutrients. Bombards the skin with 180million nutrient partials per second. The Ultimate repair and collagen enhancement for a stressed and damaged skin. Continues working within your skin for up to 30 days after your treatment. Perfect pre and post flight.

Luscious Plus/Revive

60 MINUTES $139

Omnilux Plus or Revive Facial With the Luscious Facial Massage.

Oxygen + Omnilux

90 MINUTES $200

Plump- heal- regenerate- erase lines- relax- rewind the clock.


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