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Facial Treatments

The Luscious Facial Massage has been perfected over the past 25 years and it is arguably the BEST in Perth. All of the following facials include this blissful experience.

The Luscious Facial

60 MINUTES $115

Our Luxe treatment includes a face, neck and scalp massage, exfoliation and mask.

Luxury Skin Plus/Revive

60 MINUTES $170

The Luscious Facial Plus Skin Peel Plus Omnilux - the Ultimate Antiageing Facial.

Luscious Dermabrasion

60 MINUTES $150

Crystal Clear Skin with the Luscious Facial Massage and Mask.

Collagen Plus Facial

60 MINUTES $150

With a freeze dried marine collagen mask- hydration dream with no lines!

Khronoage Facial

60 MINUTES $150

With award winning ingredients Chronodyn and Neodermal to firm and tone.

Exigence Facial

60 MINUTES $170

ECOCERT Facial to repair pollution damage to your skin. Fill wrinkles and restore radiance.

Luscious Oxygen Facial

60 MINUTES $170

ECHO2 Oxygen Facial Plus Facial Massage- enzymatic exfoliation then Infusion of pure medical grade Oxygen Plus a cocktail of pure vitamins A,C,E, liquid minerals, amino acids and trace nutrients. Bombards the skin with 180million nutrient partials per second. The Ultimate repair and collagen enhancement for a stressed and damaged skin. Continues working within your skin for up to 30 days after your treatment. Perfect pre and post flight.

Luscious Plus/Revive

60 MINUTES $139

Omnilux Plus or Revive Facial With the Luscious Facial Massage.

Microdermabrasion Plus Omnilux

90 MINUTES $180

Combine the best of both worlds with a Luscious Facial Massage.

Derma + Oxygen + Omnilux

90 MINUTES $270

Our signature treatment which gives the WOW effect and will de- stress mind and face.

Oxygen + Omnilux

90 MINUTES $200

Plump- heal- regenerate- erase lines- relax- rewind the clock.


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At Luscious we offer a wide range of treatments to suit all needs. Whether you’re looking to treat yourself to a simple Beauty Treatment or indulge in luxurious Beauty Therapy Treatments such as a massage, spa packages or facials, you’ll find the right option for you among our award-winning offerings.


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