Luscious massage

At Luscious our massage therapists are trained in Swedish and Eastern massage techniques to ease away tension and dissolve any stress to harmonise the body and mind. We use a blend of 100% pure macadamia and essential oils to treat your skin and enhance your relaxation experience.

Choose from any of the following experiences- or purchase the perfect gift for someone you love:

Tension Tamer


Tension Tamer- one hour of bliss for the whole body- or your therapist will focus on your back and areas that need the most work.

Luscious Body Bliss

90 MINUTES $140

On the body- when one hour is not possibly enough.

Back, neck and shoulders

30 MINUTES $60

Focusing on the areas that hold all the tension in your body.

Full Body Peel and Massage


Fruit Acid Exfoliation for the whole body to dissolve any dry skin- followed by a full body massage with a macadamia and essential oil massage mixed with a nourishing body cream. This will treat sunspots, dryness, rough spots, sun damage and leave you relaxed, soft, smooth and perfect from top to toe.


½ HOUR treatment $60

Reflexology – Promotes healing by stimulating pressure points on the feet to relieve pain or discomfort and encourages blood flow to nerves and tissues of the body. A therapeutic treatment to assist good health, relaxation and wellbeing.


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At Luscious we offer a wide range of treatments to suit all needs. Whether you’re looking to treat yourself to a simple Beauty Treatment or indulge in luxurious Beauty Therapy Treatments such as a massage, spa packages or facials, you’ll find the right option for you among our award-winning offerings.