Skin Concerns

Treat teenage and mature age acne without the use of roaccutane, antibiotics, hormone therapy or benzoyl peroxide. Achieve clear skin with no side effects and no downtime. A personalised skin plan will be designed to include a combination of skin peels, microdermabrasion, Omnilux LED light therapy and Oxygen Therapy to reveal clearer, more even skin! Acne scarring can be effectively reduced with a combination of homecare and salon treatments.

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Pigmentation is caused by deep penetration of UVA rays into the skin that can cause ageing, and from an imbalance in hormones. Luscious Therapy utilises the use of correct at home products combined with professional salon treatments to visibly reduce the appearance of pigmentation and sun damage, leading to brighter, more even looking skin. The pigmentation may be hormonal, due to sun damage, or a combination of both. So the treatment may involve Skin Peels, Microdermabrasion, IPL Treatment and Omnilux LED Light Therapy. Usually a combination of more that one of these modalities will achieve the best results, and all are recommended with skin brightening/lightening serum for home use. Of course sunscreen is a non negotiable before treatment is commenced.

Sick of taking antibiotics to clear your rosacea, only to have to return time and time again? A holistic approach is adopted by Luscious Therapy to help reduce the visible signs of inflammation related to rosacea, using knowledge and experience gathered over the past 20 years. Our therapists will work with to create a skin care routine suited to your concerns and identify factors in your everyday life that cause cause flares such as diet, lifestyle and any products being used on the face, hair and body skin as well as household detergents and cleaning products. Treatments recommended include Oxygen Therapy, IPL rejuvenation, LCA homecare products, and Collagen Therapy.

We have a passion for effectively treating eczema and dermatitis. It is a common concern and can be painful and frustrating for sufferers when it persists. Luscious Therapy offers a holistic approach to treating this problem. We look at diet and lifestyle choices along with any medications being taken. When we book in an initial consultation we recommend that all products being used on the face, hair, body and makeup are brought in so that we can check all the ingredients that could potentially be triggers. Since eczema and dermatitis are an immune system/histamine reaction, the removal of potential irritants causing the flare up must be identified before any treatment can be successful.

Oxygen Therapy is particularly effective when the skin is most irritated and exfoliating treatments can also be beneficial.

GUT HEALTH is very important in the treatment of all of the above conditions and where
necessary we refer to naturopath Jeremy Hill. He can assess hormone levels and gut health which
are both major contributing factors to most skin concerns. A program will then be recommended
in combination with a skin treatment and homecare plan.