Luscious Therapy Waxing Specialists have a minimum of 10 years experience. We guarantee a fuss free, hygienic and relaxing experience. All equipment is disposable and strict sterilisation protocols are followed for your protection.

We use Beauty Image roll on wax for the body. It is enriched with castor oil and titanium dioxide, which gives it a very low melting point and makes it very gentle on the skin- perfect for people every sensitive to heat.

We also use Mancini Ultra Flex premium white wax for the face and sensitive areas. The combination of resin, titanium dioxide and vegetable oils makes it effective but gentle, while reducing redness after waxing.

Waxing price list
Half leg 36
Full leg 58
Underarm 25
Basic bikini 30
Brazilian 75
Extended bikini 42
Full leg + bikini 69
Full leg + Braz 110
Arm 48
Eyebrow tidy 20
Lip/chin or sides 20
Top leg 49
Top leg + bikini 59
Back 60
Chest 70

WaxingHeather Wallace