Assisted Healing

Assisted healing from trauma- surgery- acne- accidental- burns- ulcers- cuts- cold sores- chicken
pox- wounds.

At Luscious Therapy Deborah Ward has effectively treated many clients with trauma to the skin from the following origins:

BCC removal
Non-healing Ulcers
Efudex treatment of skin cancers
Skin grafts
Car accident facial scarring from glass impact
Chickenpox scarring
Acne scarring
Scarring from Facial grazing
C-section scarring
Eyelid and facelift scarring
Post laser scarring
Severe sunburn
Burns to face and body
Cold sores

Oxygen Therapy can be performed as soon as sutures are removed/ or immediately in all other instances to accelerate the healing process. Omnilux Light Therapy is usually then recommended daily for the first 3 consecutive days then weekly until the skin has healed. A handheld LED device is recommended where daily treatment at home is also required. Assisted Scar Reduction Therapy has been successfully recommended and performed at Luscious Therapy since 2001.